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About Steve Clark Advertising

    We are a hands-on agency, producing video, audio and graphics in house for tighter control of content and costs. At Steve Clark Advertising, we are well aware of the fact that budgets are usually limited and require careful scrutiny to achieve the highest efficiency. We are very proud to produce high quality, winning campaigns at costs far below other agencies.


    We then take that information and conduct the market research necessary to build a brand that will meet the client’s goals. Every television and radio commercial, every newspaper and program book ad, every direct mail piece, every media exposure has a specific purpose and is crafted to achieve an emotional response with the target audience.


    At Steve Clark Advertising, we assist our clients in navigating through a world of clips and sound bites, by crafting a brand image and message that resonates with the target audience. We take the time to listen to our clients, and learn as much as we can about their needs, what they have to offer and what sets them apart from their competitors.


    Since 1970, Steve Clark has personally directed every client message, every media exposure and every campaign from start to finish. His ability to meld message with media has been proven over the years in hundreds of campaigns, large and small.

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